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A New Perspective

When I meet first-time authors and even some seasoned ones, I love their excitement as they share about their manuscripts. Their eyes are expressive, their smiles broad, and their entire being illuminates enthusiasm.

Then I ask the question many authors dread to hear. “Tell me about your platform?”

That one word can elicit moans, fear, dread, or that deer-in-the-headlights look. Enthusiasm quickly fades. The writer may explain why they feel they have a limited platform; sometimes they offer no answer at all and try to steer me back to their manuscript. Some even look away.

I ask the question not to discourage authors, but to hear about the audiences they’re trying to reach.

I've pondered if I sat with Jesus and talked to him about his platform, what would he say...

asks“So, Jesus,” I invite him to sit across the table from me, “I’m excited about your story.”

He smiles. “It’s one God gave me to tell.”

I nod. “Most authors tell me the story they’ve written was given to them by God.”

“I imagine they would if they’re Christians.” He crosses his legs and continues to watch me as if waiting for my next question.

“Can you tell me about your platform?” I reach for my pen.

“Yes, I would love to.” Enthusiasm fills his words as he leans forward. “First, I want to tell you about my audience. I wrote to people who are lost, hungry, hurting, and in need.”

I take notes. “Go on.”

“I built my platform in several ways. I shared the words God gave me. I spoke to large audiences and sometimes very small ones. I also had dinner engagements—sometimes with those whom others disapprove of—and I had help with writing my book. Through all of my social media, my message remains the same.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“I share the good news—my father loves them.” He places his folded hands on the table.

“That’s impressive, Jesus, I wish others understood the possibilities of using their platform.”

“Just remind them if they believe God gave them the words to write, they can build a platform. It’s part of their mission.”

“Can the authors do this through fiction and non-fiction?”

“Yes. I know there are readers who need their words.” Jesus stood to leave.

“I understand your book is already written.” I rest my pen on my notepad.

He tilted his head and the smile in his eyes embraced me. “Yes.”

“And it’s a best seller.”

“It is.” He turns and walks away.

A new perspective. Building a platform is about reaching people with the message God has given you. I hope the next time an editor or agent ask you, “Tell me about your platform?”

You’ll lean forward and say, “I would love to.”

Regardless of the number of books you publish, when your words reach the right person(s) it will be a best seller.

What are you doing to build your platform?

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Oct 17, 2021

Thank you for this creative way to remind writers about the importance of a platform. I found myself leaning into the screen as the dialogue unfolded. You are doing beautiful work here!

Edwina Perkins
Edwina Perkins
Oct 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!

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