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If Only: Allowing God into My Writing

If only I had more time, resources, and creative ideas. There’s never enough time for me to answer my emails, add to my blog post, respond to FB posts, or edit manuscripts. I often find myself saying, “if only.”

I don’t want to add to my list if only I’d spent time with God. When I neglect my time with Him, I find my if only turns into I can’t.

I've tried to think of a spiffy acronym to give helpful suggestions to remember ways to deal with the if only in life, but none came to mind. More important than any acronym to remember is this—If only I'd allow God.

Over the next few posts, I’ll share Nuggets and Nibbles for writers. Sometimes with the barrage of available information, I find I can handle only small amounts at a time. It’s nice to receive a nugget, but sometimes I need to chew on it for a while to get the full value of the nugget.

Writing Nugget and Nibble: The importance of Community

Writers need a community whether online or in person. One place to find a community is at Are you a part of a writing community? Please share the name.

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