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One-Line-A-Day Journal

As writers we write, we edit, and revise, and edit again and . . . you know the cycle. There are deadlines for submitting manuscripts, articles, and some deadlines we self-imposed; newsletters, blog posts, and all the social media we engage in.

As writers, we read. We read for pleasure, to expand our vocabulary, and to help shape our writing in ways we never imagined. Don’t let anyone tell you writing is easy!

But what about journaling? I’ve read so many articles on how to, when to, and what to write, that I’m at a point where I glance over the suggestions and think, that’s nice . . . for you. I’ve recently read an article that caused me to stop and wonder, maybe just maybe I can do this again.

I started journaling when I was fourteen, almost six weeks after my biological mother died. I knew her well because her parents (my grandparents) adopted me. I still have all my journals which took me through some of the hardest years of my life. I have over thirty years of experience in those journals, but then I stopped. I don’t know if it was because the kids had gotten older, and I just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) find time to journal.

The article I came across suggested a one-line-a-day journal. As a writer, is that even possible? Glancing over some of my first journals there was one sentence I used often, especially if I really didn’t feel like journaling. “Nothing much happened today.” But what if I knew that was the only line I would write? Would I have said something different?

I’m thinking about journaling again. Probably at night before I go to bed which will cause me to think about my day. But if I had to write a line at this moment, I’d write, “I’m giving journaling another chance, let’s see what happens.”

For more information on One-Line-A-Day Journaling visit:

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