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How to Write Black Characters

There are some books I read and could dip the manuscript in a bucket of highlighter ink because everything between the pages is so good. This is true with the current book I'm reading called How to Write Black Characters: an incomplete guide, by Salt and Sage Books.

As a sensitivity reader, I'm often asked if a character is depicted accurately or do I have tips on how to write and describe their black characters better. This book offers the writer an understanding of problems with their character's development and how to fix some of those issues. I have said to writers in the past there are issues with their characters, and sometimes feel like my explanation doesn't do justice to what I'm trying to say. This book not only explains the importance of accuracy but why something may be offensive.

I'm not finished, but I look forward to what else the book has to offer.

The book is dedicated To authors doing their best to create a more diverse, realistic, and beautiful world. If you're in this category please purchase this book. Even if you don't have black characters in your manuscript, I still encourage you to read the book because the knowledge you gain will help you understand a more diverse, realistic, and beautiful world.

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Colleen Snyder
Colleen Snyder
17 Μαΐ 2021

I will. I want to learn how to create honest characters of all description. Not because I want to be "right," but because I want to be respectful and loving and honor my God Who created all persons of any color. My highest goals in writing are to bring honor and glory to the Lord, bring respect and dignity to the pages, (and learn where the commas go!)

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